Dénia 2023

Dénia 2023



Dénia 2023 is the name of our project for Dénia. This is the result of many people’s work during the last four years.

Many people have taken part in the task of making this program. Not only members of the Socialist Party, but also anonymous people, workers from several sectors and all the persons that wanted to collaborate in making Dénia a better place.

This programme is flexible and organic, and it will be continuously improved. So, if you have any idea to make Dénia 2023 even better, do not hesitate in contact us. We will welcome all your ideas.

Do you want to know our first 23 proposal for The Best Dénia?


  1. We will keep improving the city. More and better public spaces.

 We cannot not stop what we started four years ago. All the parties would tell you that they want Dénia to become a modern, cosmopolite, Mediterranean and accessible city. But we do tell you how we are planning to do it: we have several projects, such as the reformation of streets and squares (Pare Pere, Valgamediós, Mayor, Tenor Cortis, Ramón y Cajal, among others). There are still many things to do, as you can see. But with your help, we will be able to do it.


  1. We need a cleaner Dénia. Black and white.

We affirm so, and we are sure that you agree. Many important things have been done so far. The services are better now, there are more containers and people are more aware of this aspect. But we have to work hard for a cleaner Dénia. That is why, since in 2020 a new cleaning contract will be signed, we will take measures to improve the general cleaning situation in the city.


  1. More parking spaces

 Maybe you do not know it, but in the las 4 years we have created many parking spaces. Today, there are more than 2500 at only 6/7 by foot from the city centre. But we are aware that this is not enough, since parking in Dénia can be difficult. That is the reason why we plan to increase the number of parking spaces and also to improve the access to the city centre.


  1. Les Rotes, Las Marines and El Montgó, at the heart of our proposal: a strategical plan

 During our government, many measures regarding these areas have been taken. Nevertheless, we need to consider the special needs of people living in these zones carefully. For doing so, we will create a plan to improve the public lights, the public cleaning, the roads and the signals.


  1. We want Dénia to have its own University of Alicante campus.

 During our last government, we took the first steps to create a university campus in Dénia, especially with the creation of the centre Gasterra and the progressive implantation of a Degree in Gastronomical Sciences and a Master of Rice. But we must go further. Between Valencia and Alicante, Dénia is the perfect place to teach courses related to the sea, the tourism or the gastronomy. By so doing, Dénia will become a reference in teaching, research and culture. We will do our best to accomplish so.


  1. Work, work, work

We take measures conducting to reduce unemployment in the most vulnerable collectives of the city, such as women, young adults and elder people. That will be made through the improvement of the Plan of Employment and the Table of Occupation, created during our government.


  1. More and better education: plan Edificant

 A city with better educative facilities is always a better city. At least, that is what we think. That is the reason why we plan to begin with the works of the Plan Edificant: a new school in La Xara, a new kindergarten in the school Pou de la Muntanya, the ampliation of the IES Maria Ibars and the construction of the new building for the CEE Raquel Payá. Besides that, we will improve other schools, such as Pare Pere (dining room and accessibility), Llebeig (roof and dining room plafond), Venasses (classrooms) and Historiador Chabás (general structure).


  1. Fair pays. That is ethic and fair.

Work for everybody, but with a fair pay. That is why we will impulse agreements between our government and the business associations in order to be sure that everybody get paid at least the minimum rage.


  1. Dénia for the equality and against gender violence

 We will start with the Plan of Equal Chances in Dénia and we will keep working to have a fairer and more equalitarian society. For doing so, we will do our best to eradicate gender violence, and also to stablish a special unit for hate crimes and sexual discrimination, as it is contemplated in the regional laws. Our aim is to help the victims during the whole process.


  1. Autonomous harbour of Dénia

 We want people from Dénia to have voice and vote in the decisions concerning the harbour of our city.


  1. We will finish the plan to eliminate the separation between the city centre and el Montgó caused by the train

 During this government we have taken several measures regarding this problem. After the construction of a roundabout in calle Diana and Avenida Joan Fuster, part of the problem has been solved. But we are executing now other works (roundabout between calle Pintor Llorens-Manuel Lattur and Avenida Joan Fuster) that will end with the historical incommunication of the Faroleta neighbourhood. In the next months, we will work together with the Generalitat Valenciana to finish all the process (calle Juan Chabás-Avenida Joan Fuster y Camí Pou de la Muntanya-Avenida Joan Fuster) and taking back the train to our city.


  1. Clean and removable energy

A process of ecological transition will begin in Dénia. We will reuse water from the purifying plant to clean the streets, we will create points to recharge electrical cars and we will promote measures for saving energy.


  1. We will create a multifunctional space for culture and leisure

During our government, we opened the new library (Calle San José) and, in the next months, we will open the Museu de la Festa (Casa de la Cultura), el Museu de Historia de la Ciudad (Casa de la Marques Valero de Palma) and the now Lonja. But we need more spaces for culture and leisure. That is why we will create a multifunctional space for that.


  1. General improvement plan for the City Sports centre and environs

During our government we took several measures in order to improve the sport facilities in Dénia (El Rodat and Diego Mena football fields, the running track). But we want to modernize the facilities in the City Sports Centre and its environs according to a general plan.


  1. A best tourism, with a strategic plan for an intelligent tourist destination

Tourism is undoubtedly the motor of Dénia’s economy. And we must keep working in order to improve it. We want to take care of the visitors by knowing them better, because not everybody needs the same things or has the same requirements all over the year. Thanks to technology, we will be able to adjust our offers to different kind of visitors. By so doing, they will definitively come back, but they will also talk about our city all over the world. That means using intelligence, innovation and care to have better tourist services.  


  1. Creation of the “Committee of Leisure and Resting” to accomplish a balance between leisure and resting 

Security in the city means prevention and coexistence. That is why we must accomplish a balance between leisure and coexistence. For doing so, we will create the “Committee of Leisure and Resting”. It will be constituted by a member of the City Council, a member of the leisure sector and member of the federation of neighbours. The aim is to propose solutions to possible conflicts.


  1. A commitment to accomplish all the transparency indexes according to the Spanish standards

 All the political parties will tell you that they will be transparent in their activity. But we will demonstrate it by undergoing external evaluation according to the Spanish standards and organizations. They will determine if we are being transparent during our government, not us.


  1. Ideas competition for the empty lot in Marqués de Campo

 We have taken back to the city a lot that everybody thought it was lost forever. And we made it through agreement and dialogue. We want to continue this process by creating an ideas competition to include also the calle Estación and Cándida Carbonell. If this is a public space, its use should be public too, do not you think so?


  1. Goodbye barriers: a universal accessibility plan for Dénia

We will eliminate the architectural barriers in the city by creating this plan. Our is goal is to have a more accessible and welcoming Dénia. So, a better Dénia.


  1. Goodbye plastics

 We cannot miss the ecological transition. That is why we will eradicate the single use plastic by offering more sustainable alternatives to be used in markets and shops. By so doing, we will protect the sea and the natural spaces, such as our Montgó.


  1. Third age and second home

Our population is getting older. And our facilities too. So, during our government we have been working for Dénia to have a second home for older people. And now we will keep working for the older people to have a better life in the better Dénia. That is why we will promote the creation of the Integral Centre for Older People, a place that will combine home, resting and day care.


  1. Decent houses

 We will work along with other governments to have decent homes. We will create a list for asking for proper houses and we will promote the construction of social flats, in collaboration with the banks.


  1. Proximity trade

 We will promote the proximity trade with a Strategic Plan that with be accorded with the merchants in the city.

This is only the beginning. We keep working to improve every neighbourhood and every street in our city. We keep improving our better program for a better city. Because getting better is always possible, and because this city deserves the best, we will keep working for you.

Thank you for making Dénia a better place!


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